Ep. 200: Kristin Crites – My Wife, Friend, Consigliere, and Inspiration

As I approached Episode 200, a crazy milestone I never envisioned hitting when I started this show four and a half years ago, I knew I wanted to give you something I never had before.

Because once you hit 200 episodes, you’ve necessarily covered a lot of ground. I’ve had filmmakers, restauranteurs, rock stars, drag queens, journalists, nonprofit founders, university presidents, firefighters, my own crazy career path, TENACIOUS FUCKING D, religious leaders, my own dad, my favorite writer, academics, train conductors, beer nerds, wrestling nerds, educators, jewelers, advocates, brewers, reality television stars, elected officials, ganjapreneurs, baseball writers, agricultural professionals, doctors, ultrarunners, golf pros, world travelers, tattoo artists, gun store owners, photographers, Wall Street pros, stylists, lobbyists, PR legends, entrepreneurs of all stripes, and a ton more.

So what’s left? It’s the side of my life I don’t talk about all that often. Despite being constantly on the go with my business, this podcast, and my nonprofit venture, I’m at heart a homebody. And the reason that, if given the choice, I’d rather go home than anywhere else, is because my wife is there. I’ve been married to my wife for 9+ years, and together for 14+. There’s still no one I’d rather be with.

So, I thought I’d peel back the curtain and give you all a snapshot of what we’re like. And while audio can never capture a relationship in its entirety, this is a fun opportunity to peer through the keyhole and see what a happy, successful marriage looks like. It’s a new dimension of my show, and a fun way to cap off the previous 199 episodes.

And why shouldn’t I finally feature Kristin? She only named the show, serves as my consigliere, and gives me a kick in the ass every time I need it. I’m intensely grateful to be married to Kristin, and in my own small way, this episode is a small way of putting that gratitude on display.

And I’m grateful to you for listening. Thank you for letting me be a part of your life. And I promise that for the next 200 (or how ever many) episodes, I’ll continue to work my ass off to create content that matters, that’s interesting, and that’s worthy of your time and attention.




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I adore you all.

But I adore my wife most of all.

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