Ep. 146: Jack Ekstrom – Founder of PolicyWorks America, My Dad

Jack Ekstrom has had an extraordinarily impressive career working in public and government for the oil and natural gas industry. He retired in January of this year, and, like the relentless advocate with an inexhaustible work ethic he is, immediately founded PolicyWorks America. He also happens to be my dad.

This show is a real privilege to bring to you because I not only have nothing but the best things to say about this man as my father, but I’m an admirer of his professional career as well. It’s been an unusual road to navigate as I entered the professional world 11 years ago into the same milieu as him. By his own admission, he casts a long shadow, and he’s a fierce advocate for those he cares about.

So, I thought it only natural to ask him how he balanced his protectionist instincts as a father with the need to represent his company when it was odds with whoever I worked for and my desire to keep him at arm’s length as I tried to carve my own path. Not an easy balance, and not an easy question to answer, I’m sure.

But before we did this interview, I asked him if he had any requests about what we would and wouldn’t talk about, and all he said was, “It’s your show. Ask whatever you want.” It’s a testament to the strength of our bond that I’m able to ask him very pointed questions about his history, his reputation, and his approach to the world, and he answers me with candor and directness.

My dad is a remarkable man, and I’m so proud to bring this episode to you. I hope you enjoy the sneak peek into our relationship as much as I enjoyed bringing it to you.

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