Meowing Jerks


This article is a bit late today because I had to spend part of my morning on a murderous rampage. I’m not kidding. I took the lives of three this morning. Four the previous morning. Two last night. And three others the day before yesterday. Never have I killed with such ruthless efficiency or careless…

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This adorable little jerkface likes to make escape attempts whenever possible. Only once has he been successful, and only did he need a 2-minute window of opportunity to do so. My sister-in-law stayed with us once and opened the egress window in the guest room. Jax saw this, hopped up and out, and gave us…

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With the possible exception of my wife, no one gets hangry quite like a pet cat. We had to take Jax to the vet this morning to get his teeth cleaned – or as my friend Chris used to say, “get his grill washed” – and since they’re putting him under anesthesia, we had to…

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