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12 comments on “Contact Jon

  1. Phillis Donley says:

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  2. Rachiozfo says:

    antiquities. These are the Egyptian papyri

  3. KitchenAidxzl says:

    (palimpsests). In the XIII-XV centuries in

  4. Professionalegg says:

    the spread of parchment.

  5. Carley Cattanach says:

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  6. Flexiblevwo says:

    “Julia’s Garland” (fr. Guirlande de Julie)

  7. EOTechthw says:

    “Julia’s Garland” (fr. Guirlande de Julie)

  8. Focuszgm says:

    Europe, and in Ancient Russia

  9. Speakeryos says:

    text carrier and protective

  10. vmiller says:

    Jon, I was listening this morning as you filled in for a favorite of mine, Ross Kaminsky. During an interview a question was posed about the work force in Colorado. “Where are all the men?”. As a married mother of two sons, one 17 and one 13 I would like to share a little insight into this question. At every turn in the last decade and more boys and men are hearing their worth and value should be lowered to allow more room for women. Nothing is sacred to men anymore. Not the locker rooms, not the boyscouts, not the sports teams, not the podiums in mens sports. Instead of elevating women to equal status in the work force, the classrooms, homes or anywhere else; society has hammered into them that they must become less than so that women can become more. If men hear that long enough, they’ll stop participating. Lately the push to allow men to transition to women and the acceptance that we all must, well; accept that. Again, perhaps men are seeing that it sure isn’t paying off to be a man. I don’t care who you want to be, but the pressure to degrade the value of another sex or gender or whole section of society in order for one to feel equal isn’t working. The generations of men, hard working, get in the trench and provide for their families at all costs, MEN are a dying breed. My sons are being raised by those men. However as they look around at their educators just a decade or two older than they are, they are not seeing that same work ethic. That same value. The work force will continue to lose men as society continues to show them that their hard work is not valued, that their place in society is not important and that in order for them to achieve goals they must allow the others to have room above them. What’s the motivation for any of our young boys and young men to work hard, earn a living, contribute to society? When society at every turn says We Don’t Need You Anymore.
    We’ve seriously gone off the deep end and the society we are creating for our children is a scary place. All in the name of inclusivity and equality… inclusive of what exactly and equality for who exactly?

  11. Jeff Schwarz says:

    Hi Jon, saw your post on LinkedIn. Congrats on 10 years with your podcast! I enjoyed working with you back in the o&g days and I’m not surprised by your success. I moved from Denver to my hometown of Boerne, Texas 11 years ago to work in San Antonio, then retired 5 years ago. Finally found what I’m good at!

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