Ep. 55: Andrew Tucker – PGA Certified Golf Teaching Pro

Andrew Tucker can be found at Andrew Tucker Golf.com, and he is a PGA Certified Golf Teaching Professional. Andrew has been teaching golf for 25 years, 24 of those as a PGA Certified Pro, which puts him in the top 3% of all golf instructors. He’s actually been playing for 50 years, and on this week’s show he takes us through his entire golf history. Growing up along the Eastern Seaboard with a Navy pilot dad, Andrew was given his first set of clubs as a 7 year-old. As his family moved from base to base, Andrew made friends on the golf course, where he would spend pretty much all day every day playing rounds, practicing putting (and gambling for nickels and dimes with his friends to sometimes earn an extra soda), and shagging range balls.

Andrew also relates a story about living along Rhode Island Route 1A, where he built his own sand trap. The location is important for two reasons: 1) He sold blueberries from his property at a self-service stand along the scenic highway; and 2) Tending to the stand meant he couldn’t venture very far away from it. So, he built his own bunker and took thousands of bunker shots, which helped his game immensely.

Given Andrew’s lengthy history with the game, his understanding of golf is incredible. He and Jon have an engrossing chat about not only his history and how he became a golf professional, but how anyone can improve their own game, how each student of his is different, and golf culture in general. Who is Andrew’s favorite golfer? What’s his favorite golf movie? And, the biggest question of all, what’s the secret of golf? It’s all in this week’s episode. Andrew Tucker is golf. Golf is Andrew Tucker.

So, be sure to visit Andrew Tucker Golf.com, take in a deep breath of fresh Spring air, and download this week’s show. You can do so at iTunes, Stitcher, or the Jon of All Trades homepage.

Fairways and greens.

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