Ep. 4: Rogue Edwards – Entrepreneur and Founder of Rogue’s Bolder Beans

Rogue Edwards is the founder of Rogue’s Bolder Beans, a pickled vegetable company founded right here in Colorado. Rogue and Jon go back a long way, and you can tell because Rogue calls him “Jonathan” throughout the episode. In this podcast, Rogue and Jon talk about Rogue’s entrepreneurial background beginning with Rogue slinging t-shirts at concerts in Los Angeles. After a very successful career spanning from self-started ventures to corporate America, Rogue launched Rogue’s Bolder Beans after blowing away his friends with a dynamite Christmas gift several years ago. He offers insights about starting your own venture and the value in doing things right from the get-go, even if it means investment you may not think is necessary right away.

As an added bonus, Rogue has offered a discount for all Jon of All Trades listeners. If you go to BolderBeans.com,  enter the code BeanVIP at checkout, and receive a special discount. Put ‘em in your cocktail, or just eat ‘em!


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