Ep. 173: Bob Bell – Co-Founder of Food For Thought Denver

Bob Bell is the Co-Founder of Food For Thought Denver, which strives to eliminate weekend hunger for children in the Denver area by providing food PowerSacks, because they believe that no child should go hungry.

I had the pleasure of meeting Bob at the second Mile High 100 meeting last November and was immediately thrilled that he had become a part of my life. Food For Thought is an organization that distributes food to kids in 26 Denver schools, which is tens of thousands of pounds of food each week, and operates with no overhead. An organization this large with no overhead is virtually impossible, yet it somehow exists. As Bob explains to me, it’s become bigger than he and his co-founder, which is the only way to scale up something this impressive.

After recording this episode, I upheld a promise to Bob and came down to a Food For Thought packing session. Here’s a brief video I took of the operation.


Can you believe the action happening there? There had to be more than 100 people all working their asses off, and all of them there on their own time away from their jobs, away from their families, and dedicated to ensuring kids had something to eat that weekend. It’s a pleasure to get to feature Food For Thought Denver on the show, and I hope you’ll get involved in the organization. Here’s their website again.

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