Ep. 2: Cindy Sovine-Miller – Lobbyist and Political Consultant

Cindy Sovine-Miller is a lobbyist that offers a full array of services for her many clients at the Colorado state level, and, increasingly, at the federal level as well. As the founder of her own political consulting firm, Cindy has been involved in virtually every aspect of our democratic process. Cindy shares her thoughts about the law of unintended consequences specifically with regard to term limits and a ban on “gifts” to legislators from lobbyists. She also talks about what happens and who suffers when elected leaders use healthcare as a political weapon. If all democracy and civic engagement were modeled after Cindy’s approach, we’d all be better off.

For Cindy’s article about the dangers of politicizing healthcare, check out the March edition of Health Insurance Underwriter, found here. Turn to Page 42.

Sorry about the blurriness of the photo. The front desk lady at the University Club claimed she was not good at dealing with iPhones. She was right.

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