Ep. 77: Tom Haren – CEO of AGPROfessionals

Tom Haren has worked in agriculture and the environmental industry for the vast majority of his life. He is currently the CEO of AGPROfessionals, a full-service agricultural development company providing┬áservices for the agriculture industry across the United States. Tom Haren is also someone I’ve had the privilege of working with in various capacities over the last five years. He’s one of the sharpest men I’ve ever worked with, has an incredible understanding of the complexities of one of America’s most vital industries, and possesses amazing insight into issues of import across a multitude of subjects.

Usually when I interview someone this intelligent, this interesting, and this thoughtful, I like to spend more time on their biography. And I would have loved to talk to Tom more about his background and his life, but we simply dove into the issues and never looked back. I’m okay with that, but my only regret is not getting to highlight a terrific man in a more personal way.

Because this week’s show hits on the issues. If you’ve spent any time on social media in the last couple of years, these topics will certainly be familiar: Genetically-Modified-Organisms (GMOs), animal welfare, sustainable farming, urban sprawl, and how we plan to feed an ever-increasing global population. These are issues that concern us all, yet as a largely urban-based populace, we rarely get the opportunity to speak to people on the front lines of these issues. This is a very real opportunity to hear it from a guy who works it every day.

I’m proud to feature a diversity of voices on the podcast, and I’m genuinely thrilled that I too have moved beyond the city for this week’s show. I appreciate the work Tom Haren does, and I’m grateful he found the time to be on the show.

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