Ep. 85: Goldie Solodar – The Knower at City Sessions Denver

Goldie Solodar refers to herself as “The Knower” at City Sessions Denver. She’s a six-year resident of Denver, and says Denver “has been my playground and home for the past 6 years and is where I have had my most amazing experiences.” City Sessions Denver offers a full range of custom cannabis-friendly packages that include: airport pickups and returns, layover tours, single or multi-day tour experiences, grow house tours, edible cooking classes, Red Rocks show rides, mountain excursions and more.

On this episode of Jon of All Trades, Goldie shares her insights into the evolution of cannabis culture since legalization, delves deep into the regulations that have helped shape the industry, her role as educator for her guests, a fascination discussion of how cannabis is actually grown, surprising aspects of cannabis culture, and much more.

Not being terribly familiar with cannabis culture, I learned a ton during the course of my interview with Goldie Solodar. Her self-anointed title of “The Knower” is well earned. Legal marijuana makes Denver unique, and I’m fascinated by all the business that goes on in and around it. It’s a very “of the moment” kind of thing, so it’s a pleasure to get to chat with someone so passionate, so knowledgeable, and so integrated into the industry.

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