Ep. 194: Anthony Pigliacampo – Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Modern Market

Anthony Pigliacampo is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Modern Market Eatery, featuring 29 stores in 5 states. From their website:

At Modern Market Eatery we serve fresh-crafted eats from the heart of the market.

Our ingredients are pure, simple, and grown to make you feel good. Our fresh and vibrant dishes are passionately crafted from scratch.

Market-made is what makes us different.  Whole ingredients, like you find at the farmers market, come in one door and crafted, inspired meals go out the other.

Our restaurants operate within a network of farmers, ranchers and suppliers who use sustainable practices we believe in.  Antibiotics, additives and anything artificial have no place in our food or your belly.  We are passionate about our food only having a positive impact on you – eating at Modern Market will help you live your best life!

I’ve copy and pasted from their website, because this abiding belief informs the founding of the company and plays a significant role in my chat with Anthony. It’s a story of entrepreneurship, and many of the learnings I espouse repeatedly on this show come up here. Give people the chance to say yes. If you have the chance to bet on yourself, do it. Be relentless. Do the things no one else wants to do. And always make good to your investors.

Anthony is incredibly enthusiastic and optimistic about the future as we talk about everything from his background in engineering to why he believes capitalism will save the world. I think you’ll get a lot out of this chat, and once you’re done, go get yourself something good to eat because Modern Market‘s food is exceptional.

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