Ep. 139: Drew Magary – Author, Columnist for Deadspin and GQ

Drew Magary is the author of The Hike, a book I devoured obscenely quickly given that I was caring for a newborn baby at the time. He’s swinging through Denver during his book tour, and I was lucky enough to chat with him in advance of that. Let’s get that out of the way first:

If you want to meet Drew in person, come to the Tattered Cover Bookstore at 2526 Colfax Ave. on July 11 at 7 pm. He’ll do a short reading, will sign your book, and then evidently there’s drinking and merriment to follow. Sounds like an ace time!

Now then, I’ve read Drew for a long time, and I’m a huge fan of his. So when the possibility of meeting him came to be, I sent him an email and invited him on my show. His publicist, Brianna, was lovely to work with, and the whole thing came together much more quickly than I had anticipated. I wish all my podcast pitches were this easy.

And what followed was a terrific chat with someone whose work means a lot to me. His rantings about sports and parenting on Deadspin (you can find all his stuff under his tab) amuse me every single week, and I look forward to whatever he writes for GQ. He’s profiled the likes of Chris Pratt, Guy Fieri, Justin Bieber, and Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty. You’ve probably read these profiles, and we talk a little shop about the ins and outs of conducting an interview.

What’s so rewarding is that Drew is a great dude, was incredibly generous with his time, and was very easy to talk to. You’ll dig this week’s show even if you’re not a fan of Drew’s work. But if you’re not, what the hell is wrong with you? Get on the train.

You can find all of Drew’s books here. And you can follow him on Twitter here. Drew’s been good enough to retweet me a couple of times, which is awesome considering how goddamn funny he is and how well-curated this feed is.

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