Ep. 120: Tony Pigford and Nick Jackson – Boys School of Denver

Nick Jackson and Tony Pigford are the Head of School and Dean of Students, respectively, of The Boys School of Denver. Based on the highly successful instructional model of the GIRLS ATHLETIC LEADERSHIP SCHOOL (GALS) in Denver, The Boys School will provide a small-school learning environment predicated on best practices in gender-based and active learning for middle grade boys.

Two-and-a-half years ago I interviewed Liz Wolfson, the founder of GALS, in an episode I’m extremely fond of. I’ve remained in Liz’s orbit ever since, and it’s a pleasure anytime I get to connect with her because she’s an absolute force of nature. So it’s my honor to feature the natural outgrowth of GALS in this week’s show as we talk about The Boys School of Denver. Consider this the brother episode to Liz Wolfson’s Episode 24.

It’s important to note that while I’m a supporter of GALS (and by extension The Boys School)and I believe in what they’re doing, I’m not afraid to ask Tony and Nick pointed questions about their school, about charter schools in general, standardized testing, the single gender model, and other notable questions that are likely at the forefront of your mind as you think about their model.

Consider the alternate episode of this episode to be: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Single Gender Education and Charter Schools, But Were Afraid to Ask.

Sure, that’s a clunky title, and perhaps too on-the-nose, but fitting nevertheless.

If you’re interested in learning more about The Boys School of Denver, check out their website. And if you have a 5th grade boy and are interested in enrollment, this link has you fully covered with everything you could want to know.

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