Ep. 24: Liz Wolfson – Founder of Girls Athletic Leadership Schools

Liz Wolfson is the founder of the Girls Athletic Leadership Schools (GALS). She built this school based on the brain science of movement, and how it boosts cognitive achievement. One of Liz’s abiding philosophies is that if you have a body, you’re an athlete. So how do we empower the next generation of female leaders both to recognize themselves as athletes, as well as succeed to the utmost?

Liz and Jon have an energized chat about why gender based school is necessary and works, real school choice, how GALS can enhance your understanding of your daughter for both fathers and mothers, and lots more. Liz is never at a loss for things to say, and to simply bask in her passion is not only a pleasure, it also invigorates the soul to change the world for the better.

You can check out Liz’s TEDx Event Talk here.

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