Ep. 8: Candace LeClaire – Professional Hairdresser and Stylist Extraordinaire

Candace LeClaire’s primary goal is to make you look like the best version of yourself. She is a hairdresser and style maven at The Parlour Denver, and has been personally styling Jon Eks since 2008. In this episode, Candace talks about all the ins and outs of being a professional stylist, which means serving as amateur therapist for her clients, professional advisor, and wisdom slinger. She gets into the process of becoming a professional stylist, some of the weird hazards of the job (her incredibly calloused hands, for starters), and just how brutal people can be on themselves when they sit in her chair. Tune in for a great episode of the podcast and think in a different way about something you probably have done all the time. Also, check out The Parlour, where Candace works alongside an array of awesome stylists.

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