Ep. 190: Chuck Robertson – Lead Singer of Mad Caddies

Chuck Robertson is the lead singer of the Mad Caddies, one of my favorite bands of all-time. They played here last Friday and Saturday as part of Scallywag Fest, which marked somewhere it the neighborhood of 20 times I’ve seen them live.

Chuck shares the story of how the Caddies got started in high school, how quickly they got signed, and how when they used to tour, while they didn’t really make any money, they weren’t spending any either. I’ve grown up in a lot of ways with the Caddies, so being able to go back in time and chronicle that intersection of fandom with the creator is really cool. We started our journey together (although Chuck didn’t know we were on this journey together) as mere kids, and we spent a bunch of time on this show talking about being dads.

The Mad Caddies are a band that’s tough to put in a box. Their influences are so varied, ranging from punk to ska to reggae to world music to dixieland to sea shanties, that learning more about their process and evolution was a real thrill.

Also on this show: What songs do the Caddies never play, and why? Is Duck and Cover too fast? Who hooked up the Caddies with Fat Wreck Cords? Why didn’t Fat Mike want Chuck to cover “She” by Green Day?

There’s a lot here, and if I’m being honest, I had to stifle a lot of my rampant fanboyism for this chat, and didn’t always succeed. So, whatever. Enjoy! It’s the Mad Caddies, baby!

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