Ep. 221: Shahara Jagrati Mattingly – Transformational Health Coach

Shahara Jagrati Mattingly is the Chief Excitement Officer (CEO) at Delicious Awakening Transformational Health Coaching. Shahara uses “a blend of ancient wisdom and modern science to empower clients with strategies and mindful practices that will transform their health and confidence.” In her own words:

After spending years trying to manage alcohol and drug abuse with green smoothies and downward dogs there came a day where pretending was no longer an option. As a pathway to heal herself and others, she studied holistic health and integrative therapies at Metro State University in Colorado, nutrition at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and studied Ayurveda and yoga in India.

I’ve known Shahara for a long time, so it was an immense pleasure to sit down with her and hear more about her story. She took many of the kids we grew up with who had trouble at home under her wing and served as their ad hoc “social case worker.” She was also an intimidating presence who battled her own demons. I’ve always loved and respected her intensely.

On this week’s show we discuss her path through addiction, doing deep soul work to better understand herself, how she manages self care in her work, and the challenges of parenting. It’s candid, it’s harrowing at times, and it’s a lot of fun! We dig deep in this episode, and I myself had an incredible epiphany listening to it back. You’ll get a lot out of this one, I promise.

It also bears mention that Shahara is my 3rd entry of 4 on my Bryan sibling BINGO card (I’m only missing Bay, the youngest!). I spoke to Kersti, who’s a dynamite actor in New York way back on Episode 37 in 2014, and then nabbed Reyna, creator of Recycling Is Sexy in early 2015 on Episode 49.

You can find Shahara and Delicious Awakening on their official Facebook page, and on Instagram.

You can find this episode available for download on iTunes, streaming on Stitcher, or at the Jon of All Trades homepage.

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