Ep. 49: Reyna Bryan – Founder of Recycling Is Sexy

Reyna Bryan is the founder of Recycling Is Sexy and Rainchild Design. Both of these entities aim to make our packaging, and, by extension, our world, more sustainable. Reyna is an engineer by trade, and Rainchild Design allows her to flex her engineering muscle as she consults with companies to aid in creating packaging that is not only friendlier to the environment, but also lowers  labor and operations costs while increasing brand value.

As the creator of Recycling Is Sexy, Reyna seeks to start a movement. She believes that there is no greater force in creating change than the unified voice of the consumer. And Recycling Is Sexy seeks to arm consumers with art and easily digestible facts to compel companies to make products that are truly good for the planet. You can learn more and join the movement at their webpage.

This chat covers a lot of ground as we discuss sustainability and environmentalism from a lot of angles. Take, for instance, Lauren Singer, who lives a Zero Waste life in New York City. Reyna is collaborating with Lauren on a number of projects, and we discuss them on the show, which includes their involvement at Expo West, March in Los Angeles. Or, consider the story of German grocery store Original Unverpackt. This is a grocery store that’s gotten rid of all disposable packaging. How did they do it? We talk about it on the show. (FYI: Here’s the website for Original Unverpackt, which is not in English.) We al

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