This Week’s Episode (1.26.15): John Dicker

Our final installment of #GeekMonth features the head honcho of Geeks Who Drink, John Dicker. The road to Geek Bowl IX is nearing its end, and I’ve saved the big dog for last. On this week’s episode, John shares with me the humble origins of what has become this pub quiz juggernaut, how he’s successfully expanded it 35 states, what a typical sales pitch from him looks like, and a hell of a lot more. In a newsroom, you’ll hear talk about the separation of church and state, which is to say, how a news organization keeps editorial apart from sales. Geeks Who Drink is set up largely the same way, and since last week we delved deep into the “church” side with Chief Editor Christopher Short, let’s explore the “state” side with the man charged with keeping this whole enterprise humming along.

John’s a passionate, high energy guy, and you’ll enjoy hearing from him about his successes, but also about some of the war stories about things that went wrong along the way. The episode drops on Wednesday, January 28, so don’t miss it. Keep up to date with all episodes of Jon of All Trades by subscribing on iTunes or Stitcher. As always, you can find every episode (for FREE!) of the Jon of All Trades Podcast at our homepage.


This will be the fourth and final episode highlighting Geeks Who Drink Pub Quizzes. All throughout January, on the road to Geek Bowl IX, I’m showcasing a different aspect of this company. Why? I love geeking out, and I love drinking. I’ve played in 3 Geek Bowls, and if you haven’t gone before, you should go this year. For more information about Geek Bowl IX or to purchase tickets, click here. Why should you go? Take it from the company itself: ” Geek Bowl is a dork bacchanal. Dress to the nines, drink up and enjoy, because we’ll give you one hell of a show.” And even if you don’t go, here’s what’s coming the rest of the month:

January 7: The Slumpbusters

January 14: Quizmaster Johnny – Geeks Who Drink Pub Quiz Host

January 21: Christopher Short – Chief Editor and Question Writer

January 28: John Dicker – Geeks Who Drink Founder

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