Ep. 42: The Slumpbusters – Geeks Who Drink Pub Quiz Juggernaut

Slumpbusters Geeks Who Drink
Slumpbusters Geeks Who Drink

Kicking off a four-part series spanning the month of January are the Slumpbusters Geeks Who Drink Pub Quiz juggernauts. “Evil” Rob Knight McEwen, Russ Esposito, and Julio Trujillo are the primary members of the Slumpbusters, and they have been terrorizing and frequently reigning supreme over the Tuesday night quiz at Denver’s Irish Snug for some time. After getting introduced several years ago at a quiz at downtown bar Nallen’s, Rob, Russ and Julio became fast friends and started crushing the dreams of pub quizzers all over the city.

On this week’s show we talk about their origin story, philosophize about what makes a strong pub quiz team, their individual areas of expertise, why Geeks Who Drink is the only pub quiz for them, and a hell of a lot more. Full disclosure: If you haven’t played a lot of pub quiz or don’t have an appetite for some real inside baseball style conversation about it, this probably isn’t the episode for you. You’ve got four legit geeks here who tee off who geek out hardcore about geeky shit for over an hour. For the rest of you, welcome!

The Slumpbusters Geeks Who Drink

This is the first of 4 episodes highlighting Geeks Who Drink Pub Quizzes. All throughout January, on the road to Geek Bowl IX, I’m highlighting a different aspect of this company. Why? I love geeking out, and I love drinking. I’ve played in 3 Geek Bowls, and if you haven’t gone before, you should go this year. For more information about Geek Bowl IX or to purchase tickets, click here. Why should you go? Take it from the company itself: ” Geek Bowl is a dork bacchanal. Dress to the nines, drink up and enjoy, because we’ll give you one hell of a show.” And even if you don’t go, here’s what’s coming the rest of the month:

January 7: Pub Quiz Team

January 14: Quizmaster

January 21: Question Writer and Head Editor

January 28: The Geeks Who Drink founder

You can download the episode on iTunes, stream it on Stitcher, or listen at the Jon of All Trades homepage.

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