Ep. 43: Quizmaster Johnny – Geeks Who Drink Pub Quiz Host

Our road to Geek Bowl IX continues with trivia guru, party host, geek enthusiast, and all-around-great-guy, Quizmaster Johnny! I first played with Johnny almost five years ago, and he has been my favorite Geeks Who Drink quiz master ever since. He brings flair, panache, delightful (but not over the top) enthusiasm, pointed bitchiness, occasional good-natured misanthropy, and, most importantly, clear diction, appropriate enunciation, and well-placed scoring breaks to every one of his quizzes. Johnny’s been overseeing quizzes for more than seven years, which gives him unique insight into what to do and what not to do if you’re a Geeks Who Drink quiz master.

We talk about how he came to host quiz four nights a week, the jokes he’s sick of hearing from players, the team names that should be retired immediately, and a few digressions into our own geekiness. You’ve seen Geeks Who Drink from the players’ perspective. Check out this week’s show for the quiz master’s point of view.

And as a bonus: Bask in the majesty of this incredibly awkward looking man hug Johnny and I shared at Geek Bowl VI in Austin.

geeks who drink quiz master


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This will be the second of 4 episodes highlighting Geeks Who Drink Pub Quizzes. All throughout January, on the road to Geek Bowl IX, I’m highlighting a different aspect of this company. Why? I love geeking out, and I love drinking. I’ve played in 3 Geek Bowls, and if you haven’t gone before, you should go this year. For more information about Geek Bowl IX or to purchase tickets, click here. Why should you go? Take it from the company itself: ” Geek Bowl is a dork bacchanal. Dress to the nines, drink up and enjoy, because we’ll give you one hell of a show.” And even if you don’t go, here’s what’s coming the rest of the month:

January 7: The Slumpbusters

January 14: Quizmaster Johnny

January 21: Question Writer and Head Editor

January 28: The Geeks Who Drink founder

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