Ep. 247: Ryan Spilborghs – Former MLB Outfielder, Current Colorado Rockies Broadcaster

Dude, it’s SPILLY! Ryan Spilborghs is one of my all-time Top 3 favorite Rockies (the other two, since you’re likely wondering, are Todd Helton and Nolan Arenado). The reason is that I loved his play, and more importantly, I loved his personality. He was a a big part of the huge beating heart of this…

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Ep. 84: Thomas Harding – Beat Writer for the Colorado Rockies and

Thomas Harding is the Colorado Rockies beat writer for On this week’s episode, Thomas shares the journey of his 30+ year career writing about baseball, divulges what a “gameday in the life” of Thomas Harding is like, how he approaches an article that might make someone in the organization unhappy, and a whole lot…

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