SPECIAL EP: Karate Kid III Commentary featuring Brad Haag of Reel Nerds Podcast

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Greetings fans of the Jon of All Trades Podcast, Reel Nerds Podcast, incredibly weird tone deaf second sequels to beloved classics, villainous ponytails, and whatever other signifiers brought you to this bizarre ass shit we’re here to give you! Welcome all!

For years, Brad Haag (two-time guest on this show here and here) and I have shared a love of Karate Kid III that’s as deep as it is baffling to others. Karate Kid III is not by any stretch a “good” movie, but it’s also an extraordinarily entertaining one. The choices these filmmakers have made get stranger and stranger to me the more I watch this movie and the more time passes. I figured this was one of those crappy movies that I and a small cadre of fellow weirdos adored mostly in secret, where, were it not for our dedicated and hard-to-place love for this movie, it would be rightfully relegated to the cultural dustbin. In summer of 2015, I even guested on an episode of These Things Matter talking about Karate Kid because at the time it didn’t get much cultural love.

Then, oh hosanna!, here comes the makers of Cobra Kai, one of my favorite shows of recent years. These guys have clearly watched all three of these movies as much as I have, and the Easter eggs are plentiful, the nods to exceedingly minor plot points from the films are not only acknowledged, but paid off with a high degree of satisfaction, and the mythology painstakingly expanded and evolved in interesting ways. Which brings me to why we’re here! Terry Silver, seen in the above photo looking like the evil, smirking, oily creep who takes a couple months out of his billionaire life to fuck with a teenager that we all love, IS BACK! Check out this trailer:

Our gift to you in advance of Season 4 of Cobra Kai is Brad and I finally doing our long-rumored running commentary of Karate Kid III. We tell you when to start up the tape to listen along with us. If even one of you lunatics actually does this, you will be forever in my cool book. Hell, it might just be me stoned out of my gourd one night re-listening and giggling by myself. That’s fine with me! But it’s here for posterity for the rest of you.

Happy New Year! And enjoy Karate Kid III and Cobra Kai Season 4!

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  1. Jordan Ash says:

    Great podcast guys.
    Y’all have a happy holiday.
    Jordan Ash

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