Reel Nerds Podcast

Ep. 307: Zach Eastman – Podcaster, Filmmaker, Old Time Hollywood Enthusiast

Zach Eastman is my good buddy. Chief among the reasons he’s a good buddy of mine is that he’s just about the only person I’ve ever known (besides my own father) who can talk about W.C. Fields for three hours with me. Which we did on his show! You can find that right here. Zach…

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Ep. 150: Denver Podcast Network Live Launch Showcase

For those of you who missed it on Sunday, October 8 [shakes fist at you], here is the live recording featuring all the shows from the Denver Podcast Network as we discuss everything from pizza to movies to music to comedy and more. You get a nice sample of everyone’s shows, including mine, where I…

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Ep. 25: Ryan Frost and Brad Haag – Hosts of the Reel Nerds Podcast

Ryan Frost and Brad Haag comprise 2/3 of the Reel Nerds Podcast, and they join this week’s show to talk about how their love of movies has led them to a weekly podcast that’s grown and thrived over the last 3 years. They are (Unofficially) The Official Podcast of Denver Comic Con, and in the…

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