Ep. 25: Ryan Frost and Brad Haag – Hosts of the Reel Nerds Podcast

Ryan Frost and Brad Haag comprise 2/3 of the Reel Nerds Podcast, and they join this week’s show to talk about how their love of movies has led them to a weekly podcast that’s grown and thrived over the last 3 years. They are (Unofficially) The Official Podcast of Denver Comic Con, and in the spirit of comics, this is part two of the special universe crossover edition with Jon of All Trades.

Check out Part 1 over at ReelNerdsPodcast.com where I talk with the Nerds about Expendables 3, Robin Williams, and more; and then download the episode below as I help to share the origin story of the Reel Nerds, learn about their hilarious Podshow, and get down and dirty about what it’s like to interview people you’ve just met.

Geeking out over movies, podcasting, and pop culture is always fun, which makes this nerdy episode the highlight of any week. Stream this episode on Stitcher, download it on iTunes, or, as always, listen right here.

Caption: Jon and Ryan clearly enjoying each other’s company.

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