Ep. 235: The First Jobs of Denver Film Festival 42

Happy Thanksgiving week! In honor of most people having a few days off (save for the poor retail people who get to see certain subsets of humanity at their absolute worst), let’s spend some time talking about First Jobs.

While covering Denver Film Festival 2019 (#DFF42), I actually remembered to ask each guest about their first jobs. And what I got ranged from amusing to HIGHLY amusing. I’m not kidding when I say that Pete Gardner provides my all-time favorite story in this series about working in a crappy gas station in upstate New York. You’ll just have to listen.

Here’s the order in which my guests share their first jobs:

  1. Jeffrey McHale – Director of You Don’t Nomi
  2. Jack Sim – Mr. Toilet
  3. Trey Edward Shults – Director of Waves
  4. Nate Bakke – Director of Man Camp
  5. Dan Cummings – Writer/Producer/Co-Star of Man Camp
  6. Pete Gardner – Star of Man Camp

It’s less than a half hour, it’s great fun, and it’s a nice palate cleanser during the holiday season. Download on iTunes, stream on Stitcher, or listen at the Jon of All Trades homepage.

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