Ep. 231: Jack Sim and Lily Zepeda – Mr. Toilet

Jack Sim and Lily Zepeda are the subject and director (respectively) of Mr. Toilet: The World’s #2 Man, a documentary that I had the privilege of seeing at Denver Film Festival 42.

Jack has dedicated the last 22 years to helping bring toilets to parts of the world that don’t have them. It’s easy to take toilets for granted, so it shocked me that about half the world doesn’t have a flush toilet. Jack grew tired of his corporate job, and made it his life’s work to helping solve this worldwide problem that leads to disease, sickness, economic struggles, and a host of other problems. He’s a remarkable guy, and on top of that, he’s damn funny!

You’d have to be when you spend your days talking about toilets and shit. The film is a reflection of his playful, antic personality, and so is the conversation I have with both of them. We talk about issues of extreme importance, but we also have plenty of laughs, and Jack drops a new term on me that touched my soul called “pronoia” – the belief that the world isn’t out to get you, but is actually on your side.

This is a phenomenal chat with a talented artist, and a tireless activist who doesn’t take himself too seriously. Be sure to check out the film’s website, as well as World Toilet Day, happening November 19.

This episode is available on iTunes, Stitcher, or the Jon of All Trades homepage.

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