Ep. 233: Jeffrey McHale – Director of You Don’t Nomi

Jeffrey McHale is the Director, Writer, Editor and Producer of You Don’t Nomi, a film described thusly: “A chorus of film critics and fervent devotees explore the complicated afterlife of 1995’s biggest film flop, Paul Verhoeven’s Showgirls, from disastrous release to cult adoration and extraordinary redemption.” In many ways, this documentary felt like it was…

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Ep. 231: Jack Sim and Lily Zepeda – Mr. Toilet

Jack Sim and Lily Zepeda are the subject and director (respectively) of Mr. Toilet: The World’s #2 Man, a documentary that I had the privilege of seeing at Denver Film Festival 42. Jack has dedicated the last 22 years to helping bring toilets to parts of the world that don’t have them. It’s easy to…

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Ep. 153: Andrew Novick – Director, JonBenet’s Tricycle

Andrew Novick is the director of JonBenet’s Tricycle, a documentary premiering at Denver Film Festival 40. Intrigued? I certainly was. Here’s the synopsis: “Andrew Novick – a Mile-High legend as the man who collects almost everything – forges all sorts of emotional connections to the objects he acquires: either memories, curiosity or interest in the…

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