Ep. 186: Jay Mays – Entrepreneur, Comic, Founder of Pitch Lab

Better storytelling. Better delivery. Better room command. If you’re interested in leveling up any of these skills, then you’ve got to check out Pitch Lab. Founded by Jay Mays after he ended his stand-up comedy career, he’s honed the skills he learned behind a mic and is helping others apply them to their own jobs. It’s a concept that immediately resonated with me as I love stand-up comedy, entrepreneurship, and coaching people in public speaking. I can’t wait to check out one of these in person.

Jay was brought to me by JD Lopez, of Left Hand Right Brain fame. It’s always a gift when someone you know connects you to someone they know because a) it means they’re thinking of you, and b) it means they think enough of you to recommend someone you’d hit it off with. And Jay and I got along famously from the jump. You hear it in this podcast as we seem to be easily on the same page, and what results is a fun, free-flowing chat filled with insights, digressions, and a few laughs.

This episode is also therapeutic in a lot of ways. It’s always nice to connect with a fellow entrepreneur grinding it out. The life of a solo gunner is often difficult, and Jay helped me re-frame some of my own thinking on days when the flow isn’t happening. This is all a long way of saying I think you’ll get a lot out of this episode. I certainly did.

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