Stand-up comedy

Ep. 305: Andrew Orvedahl – Comedian, TV Star, Game Designer

Andrew Orvedahl is the first comedian I was ever close to getting on the show. Seven and a half years ago after I interviewed Brandi Shigley, she asked me if I was interested in interviewing Andrew Overdahl. Of course! was my reply. She called him, left him a voicemail, and then nothing materialized. We were…

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Ep. 268: Christie Buchele – Comedian

Christie Buchele is a Denver-based standup comic, former host of the Empty Girlfriend Podcast, member of the Pussy Bros, teacher, and all-around cool chick. Big thanks to our mutual friend Cecile for hooking the two of us up! On this week’s show we talk about bridging the political gap between liberals and conservatives, how to…

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Ep. 186: Jay Mays – Entrepreneur, Comic, Founder of Pitch Lab

Better storytelling. Better delivery. Better room command. If you’re interested in leveling up any of these skills, then you’ve got to check out Pitch Lab. Founded by Jay Mays after he ended his stand-up comedy career, he’s honed the skills he learned behind a mic and is helping others apply them to their own jobs….

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