Ep. 169: Dave Sevick – Vice President, Firefly Autism (4-Year Anniversary Show)

Dave Sevick is the Vice President of Marketing & Development for Firefly Autism, Colorado’s premiere autism therapy and behavioral support program. Featuring Applied Behavior Analysis techniques, in the classroom, and in your home. And this is the 4-Year Anniversary of the Jon of All Trades Podcast!

Dave is a special guest because we met only about nine months ago collaborating on a joint campaign between Firefly and Peak Properties Group. It’s always an interesting proposition entering into a new business arrangement with someone because you never know someone’s work style. And I’ve quoted Bill Murray before (notably here, on the Deft Communications blog)

“When I work, my first relationship with people is professional. There are people who want to be your friend right away. I say, ‘We’re not gonna be friends until we get this done. If we don’t get this done, we’re never going to be friends, because if we don’t get the job done, then the one thing we did together that we had to do together we failed.’ People confuse friendship and relaxation. It’s incredibly important to be relaxed — you don’t have a chance if you’re not relaxed. So I try very hard to relax any kind of tension. But friendship is different.”

And Dave and I immediately hit it off and put together a very successful campaign. So it’s natural that based on that success, we’d become friends. And that’s what this show is – the intersection of my many selves. I’m not looking to become friends with my guests (although it bears mention that some of my guests already are my friends), but the intimacy the show affords naturally sometimes leads to friendship.

We have a friendly chat that’s at times very funny, but we do the real work, too. We talk about the realities of trying to grow a nonprofit from the ground up. We goof on his Michigan accent. We talk about “competition” among nonprofits. I tell a Grover Cleveland joke. We talk about the privatization of the social safety net. Dave digs deep into his past and gives us his best radio promo.

It’s exemplary of what I think this show is, and what I want it to be. I hope you enjoy it, and thanks for being a part of it.

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