Ep. 104: Adam St. Pierre – Endurance Athlete and Coach

Adam St. Pierre is the founder of ASTP Coaching, which aims to provide the ultimate experience for athletes looking to improve performance in endurance sports.

Adam has over a decade of experience coaching a wide variety of endurance athletes.  He has worked with junior athletes, NCAA Division I collegiate athletes, elite professionals, recreational masters, and everyone in between, in sports ranging from Nordic skiing, to ultra-running, to triathlon, to ski mountaineering.  Adam has led first-time marathoners to the finish line, watched kids he taught how to ski win races, coached athletes to world championship medals, and helped dozens of over-trained and injured athletes return to and thrive in competition.

On this week’s show, with the background of the 2016 Summer Olympiad in our consciousness, we get into the mind of someone who’s not only competed in high level endurance sports himself, but who works with athletes of all levels helping them achieve their goals. How does one take a love of athletics and turn it into a successful career? How does a coach help athletes overcome the very real challenges of meeting their day-to-day obligations while still leveling up their performance? How can someone run as much as Adam does without listening to music while doing it? (Something I personally cannot relate to in any way)

We spend some time talking about Adam’s journey from collegiate athlete through grad school up to his coaching career and taking the leap and starting his own coaching business. This is yet another episode in learning how to be an entrepreneur and the secrets to success. Plus, you get a fascinating glimpse into the world of athletic performance and endurance sports.

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