Ep. 353: Brenden Kumarasamy – Creator of MasterTalk

Brenden Kumarasamy is the Creator of MasterTalk, where he has speaking engagements, leads workshops, and offers individual coaching. Here he is in his own words from his YouTube channel: After coaching many business students on how to give amazing presentations for 2 years, I quickly realized that public speaking is a very difficult subject to…

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Ep. 110: Jake Gamsky – Aerospace Engineer, Founder of Universal Achievement Holistic Tutoring

Jake Gamsky is not a rocket scientist. “I’m actually an aerospace engineer,” he corrected me when I asked if he could be called a rocket scientist. I both appreciated his nuance in the nomenclature of his job, and chuckled at the idea of someone smart enough to turn down the opportunity to be classified as…

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Ep. 104: Adam St. Pierre – Endurance Athlete and Coach

Adam St. Pierre is the founder of ASTP Coaching, which aims to provide the ultimate experience for athletes looking to improve performance in endurance sports. Adam has over a decade of experience coaching a wide variety of endurance athletes.  He has worked with junior athletes, NCAA Division I collegiate athletes, elite professionals, recreational masters, and…

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