This Week’s Episode (8.4.14): Kristin Nolan

Let’s talk film with this week’s guest is Kristin Nolan! She is the Denver Producer of the 48 Hour Film Project, in addition to a ton of other projects working with film, music, art, and more. If you’ve had fun in Denver in the last decade, you’ve probably been to an event Kristin’s been involved in. On this week’s show, we talk in great detail about what happens behind the scenes at the 48 Hour Film Project, how Kristin’s unique role in organizing her own childhood birthdays set up her to orchestrate the chaos of the festivals she produces, and much, much more. Since this is a film-centered episode, no spoilers ’til we premiere this one on Wednesday, August 6th. But be sure to attend the screening of the 48 Hour Film Project films on Sunday, August 10th, at the Oriental Theater at 4335 W 44th Ave, Denver, CO 80212. Tickets are available here. And yes, I’ll bug you about this all week.

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