48 hour film project denver

Ep. 23: Kristin Nolan – Denver Producer, 48 Hour Film Project

Kristin Nolan is the Denver Producer for the 48 Hour Film Project. What is the 48 Hour Film Project? Teams compete to write, shoot, edit, and score an entire film in 48 hours. The twist? Each team randomly draws a genre out of a hat, and each team has to use three common elements in…

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This week’s episode of the podcast is all about the 48 Hour Film Project. I’ve only been a participant once, the experience of which I covered extensively here, but since I first learned of it, I’ve been a huge fan. Having to write, shoot, edit, and score a short film in two days is where…

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This Week’s Episode (8.4.14): Kristin Nolan

Let’s talk film with this week’s guest is Kristin Nolan! She is the Denver Producer of the 48 Hour Film Project, in addition to a ton of other projects working with film, music, art, and more. If you’ve had fun in Denver in the last decade, you’ve probably been to an event Kristin’s been involved…

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