Ep. 213: I’m Back, Baby!

Straight from the heart, stream-of-consciousness to my mouth, and into your ears, here’s the episode where I re-launch the podcast. I talk what led to the show going on hiatus, my struggles with depression, my philosophy on business, toss in a few outdated pop culture references, use a ton of profanity (because that’s how my…

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Rooster & Moon

It’s September 22 as I type this at the bar of Rooster & Moon Coffee Pub. Eight days from now, Rooster & Moon will close its doors and say goodbye to the community. I’ve written and podcasted about my love for this place before – notably here, here, and here, – so it’s with a…

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Special Ep: Jon Eks Solo – Severance Is Over!

When you get laid off, if you’re lucky, you get a severance payment. When I got laid off three months ago, I got just such a payment worth three months of my salary. That was April 7. I am now out of my severance payment period, and it thought it apropos to check in with…

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