Special Ep: Jon Eks Solo – Severance Is Over!

When you get laid off, if you’re lucky, you get a severance payment. When I got laid off three months ago, I got just such a payment worth three months of my salary. That was April 7. I am now out of my severance payment period, and it thought it apropos to check in with myself (and you) to see how it’s going. So this episode features me, and me alone (an exercise I was not excited about undertaking).

As I approached this episode, I wanted it to be unvarnished, so I made the deliberate decision to do it in one take without any editing. If the episode sounds a little bit shaggier than normal, it’s because I didn’t do my normal clean-up job with it. I don’t edit my episodes generally for content, only for aesthetic. I opted not to do that this time because I was worried about censoring myself and I wanted whatever came out of my mouth to be genuine. As I type this, I have not even listened to this again after recording it, except for where I added my intro and outro music.

More importantly, this bizarre, stream-of-consciousness, all-over-the-place monologue gives you a good sense of both the way my mind works and my overall feeling about the world. And to summarize, I think I’d characterize myself as optimistic, but frenetic. Working for yourself is exciting, but sort of terrifying. And at this point, it’s hard to imagine ever going back to my previous life. That’s a good feeling.

So tune in and hear me as raw and unrehearsed as I’m likely to get. It’s not going to happen often – I’m a professional communicator, after all – so savor it while I capture a unique moment in my life. Thanks for being a part of the journey.

This episode, like all the others, is available on iTunes and Stitcher.

2 comments on “Special Ep: Jon Eks Solo – Severance Is Over!

  1. Debra Kunkel-Rose says:

    Jon, It was great to hear someone talk about the transition from employment to finding self-identity (freedom). Those of us who were “raptured” (there one minute, gone the next) on April 7th are the real winners if we used the event as an opportunity for self examination. Something we may have ignored had we not been forced to take a long look at who we are and what we want out of life. This was my first lay off in my 33 year career in the Oil and Gas industry and I guess it was long overdue. I now feel free to seek challenges I never considered before. I love my new perspective. Thanks for telling the story so well.

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