Ep. 213: I’m Back, Baby!

Straight from the heart, stream-of-consciousness to my mouth, and into your ears, here’s the episode where I re-launch the podcast. I talk what led to the show going on hiatus, my struggles with depression, my philosophy on business, toss in a few outdated pop culture references, use a ton of profanity (because that’s how my brain works when it’s at its most honest), and generally spill my guts about a ton of stuff for 25 or so minutes.

Truthfully, I’m not entirely sure what all is on here. What I know is that I owed you an explanation, wanted to be as truthful and free-flowing as possible, and then wanted to move on with my life. I recorded this, uploaded it, don’t really remember what I said, and don’t have any plans to listen to it again. All I can tell you is that I’m infinitely grateful for your support, your continued invitation into your life, and for the opportunity to continue to put out the best damn show in Denver. That’s what I endeavor to continue to do from here on out.

Feel free to pitch yourself to be on the show, shoot me ideas for guests you find interesting, or hit me up if you’re having a rough time. Everyone needs help, and I got a lot of it. I’m happy to pay it forward.

Love to you all. See you next week with a fresh show.

_ Jon

P.S. That photo is obviously not of me, but watching Jon Moxley debut at AEW Double or Nothing over the weekend, and seeing the joie de vivre plastered all over him, is the closest approximation I’ve found recently to what it’s like to have a breakthrough with your depression.

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