Jon’s Audio Resume Vol. 7: Alaska

Welcome to Jon’s Audio Resume, the Jon of All Trades solo exploration of all the weird ass jobs I’ve had in my life. This series runs in chronological order and here is my seventh job.

Job: Alaska State Fair booth construction and staffer
Duration: One week in August 2003
Pay: $1,000
Did I get along with my boss? This job was ridiculously easy, and everyone was nice, so yeah.

Easiest job I ever had, and what a gift! I was 21 years old, and the oil and gas company my dad worked for sent me and my best friend Jamie to Wasilla to assemble and staff their Alaska State Fair booth. And they paid us $1,000 + per diem + all our travel expenses! For a week’s worth of work! Are you shitting me?!? I’m more than 14 years removed from this, and it still blows my mind.

Anyway, this episode has some decent insights into the actual work – which included learning about oil and gas extraction techniques, interfacing with a public worried about an industrial process, and attending a contentious community meeting – but more than that, it’s got some fun drinking stories! As you’d expect from a pair of 21 year-old college boy asswipes, we spent basically the entirety of our off-time drinking.

This job was the capstone of one of the greatest summers of my entire life, so getting to revisit it again for the first time in forever was a real treat for me. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I did recording it.

You can download it on iTunes, stream it on Stitcher, or listen at the Jon of All Trades homepage.

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