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Keenan, chief antagonist and founder of A Sales Guy, is the guest on the Jon of All Trades Podcast, airing June 29, 2016 from Denver.
Keenan, chief antagonist and founder of salesgrowth.com, is the guest on the Jon of All Trades Podcast, airing June 29, 2016 from Denver.

Keenan is actually Jim Keenan, who through recognizing the natural tendencies of his friends and identification of a brand opportunity, came to go by just Keenan. He formerly referred to himself as “A Sales Guy Inc’s CEO/President and Chief Antagonist.” Why antagonize your potential clients? As he states in this week’s show, change does not come without some agitation, so playing the role of antagonist positions him as an agent of change, which is exactly the reason you should hire him.

When you visit salesgrowth.com, you’re immediately struck by two things: 1) It’s a very loud and in-your-face aesthetic; and 2) There’s an absolute metric shit ton of content there. Both of these things are key to understanding Keenan, who, as you’ll find immediately in this interview, is one of the most high energy, intense, and all-around enjoyable people I’ve ever had on this show. His passion is infectious, his presence authentic, and his charm undeniable.

Here are a few more things you should know before you listen to this episode:

  • It’s filled with profanity, so use discretion while listening depending on where you are
  • Keenan’s focus is clearly on sales, and if you work in sales, I have no doubt you’ll get incredible value out of our conversation
  • That said, if you don’t work in sales, you will still get incredible value out of our conversation.
  • Once we turned the mics off, and Keenan dug into his lunch that he graciously put on hold for our chat, and started lobbing questions at me about my show. What do you want it to be? Where do you want it to go? Have you articulated the value proposition for your listeners properly? He got me thinking about my work in refreshing ways, and I left his office with a spring in my step.
  • If you don’t leave this conversation fully energized, I don’t know what to tell you. It’s not all that often we get to feed off the energy from someone this uniquely passionate and inspiring. And while, yes, he’s a very blustery personality that’s extraordinarily blunt; I’d argue…
  • Keenan’s energy springs from a remarkably deep well of sensitivity and empathy. He can’t not care deeply about whatever he’s doing, and that alone is worth your time and attention. He’s re-contextualized what I’m doing, and I’ll wager he’ll do the same for whatever you’re working on.

Enjoy this week’s episode. I’ll be back next week for Episode 100, with special guest: Me!

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(This post was edited on October 25, 2023 at the request of salesgrowth.com to reflect their brand change from “A Sales Guy.”)

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