Ep. 89: Nathan Lund – Denver Comedy Champion and Fellow Wrestling Geek

Nathan Lund is a founding member of The Fine Gentleman’s Club, a commentator and comedian for Lucha Libre & Laughs, the reigning and defending Denver Comedy Champion, and, important for my purposes, a professional wrestling fan.

Why? Because it’s WrestleMania week, baby! We are just a few scant days out from Sunday, April 2, and I wanted both to feature the work of Nathan Lund, who is crushing it with The Fine Gents and at Lucha Libre & Laughs, and to geek out with someone over professional wrestling in anticipation of the event. So now was the perfect time to have him on the show.

On this week’s episode we talk a bit about the parallels between wrestling and comedy, the origin stories of our fandom, who our favorite guys were growing up, some gripes with the current product, and offer a preview of this week’s WrestleMania show.

Now then, the question you might be asking yourself if you’re not a wrestling fan: Why should I listen to this episode? It’s a fair question, and one I’m assuming I didn’t just make up as some dumb strawman argument. It’s because while this is an insider discussion, it’s not so obtuse and impenetrable you’ll never understand it. Professional wrestling has been a part of popular culture for more than 100 years, and we spend a lot of time talking about what it means to us, why pro wrestling matters, and what it actually signifies. If you’re curious about it, this is your podcast. If you know the names of The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, and maybe Shawn Michaels, this is your podcast. If you’re already a fan of either Nathan’s or my work, this is your podcast.

You can follow Nathan Lund on Twitter. And, if you want even more of Nathan Lund talking about professional wrestling, you should check out his interview at These Things Matter.

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