Ep. 72: Spencer Nee – Cross Country Bicycle Rider, Recovering Addict, Inspiration

Spencer Nee is a former Providence Network resident, and is the conceiver, creator, executor and pedal-powerer of the Bridge to Bridge Ride, a 4,000 mile coast to coast bicycle trip across the United States. Between May and August, Spencer rode from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Brooklyn Bridge with the goal of raising $100,000 for Providence Network.  He completed his journey on August 22.

And he’s the guest on Ep. 72 of the Jon of All Trades Podcast, following in the illustrious footsteps of his two brothers, William (who appeared on Ep. 21 of the podcast talking about his work in China and Hong Kong) and Ryan (who appeared in Eps. 47 and 48 discussing his world travels) completing a tic-tac-toe of Nee brethren, which, any way you slice it, is a victory.

This week’s show is super intense as Spencer Nee is good enough to share with us the depths to which his addictions took him as we trace the path from simple high school curiosity to estrangement from his family and ultimately homelessness and isolation. Ultimately, it becomes a story of inspiration as Spencer found Providence House, which set his life back on track where he now celebrates 7+ years of sobriety and a successful career as an ER nurse.

A good chunk of this episode is dedicated to Spencer’s tales from his incredible bike ride across America including the injuries he sustained, people he met along the way, buffets he obliterated, dogs that chased him, and families torn apart by addictions that became inspired by him. We only scratch the surface in this episode, so be sure to check out the blog and start from the beginning for stories of what being a recovering addict is actually like while getting a snapshot of traveling across the entire length of the country.

Then be sure to donate by clicking here, and help Spencer Nee reach his goal of $100,000 for Providence Network. You have until October 1.

This episode is available on the Jon of All Trades website, for download on iTunes, and for stream on Stitcher.

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