Ep. 47: Ryan Nee – World Traveler (Part 1)

Ryan Nee world traveler, has been to 58 countries, which gives him a lot of interesting experiences to draw from. That’s why when he sat down with Jon of All Trades, we had to break this episode into two parts. This week’s episode largely focuses on Ryan’s recent journey to Cuba, where travel by U.S. citizens has been limited. Ryan recounts the strange way he had to book his travel there while in Mexico, gives a harrowing description of what it’s like to get robbed at knifepoint, tells an amusing anecdote about jaunting through the Havana black market to try and find an iPhone charger (yes, it was stolen along with some of his money and a bunch of other stuff), and why he abhors the Jimmy Buffett-style vacation.

Having traveled as extensively as he has, Ryan has fascinating insight into the world, and his chat with Jon covers a ton of ground. In addition to Cuba, Ryan and Jon touch on Ryan’s day job, insight into airports and regular travel, and the two exchange funny anecdotes from being on the road. Ryan and Jon have known each other for a long time, and the conversation has a free flow to it with plenty of digressions, laughs shared, and goofy insights. This is one of the most easygoing Jon of All Trades episodes ever recorded, and it’s only half the story.

Be sure to follow Ryan Nee on Twitter, and check out his chronicle of traveling around the world for a year. Most of that subject matter is covered next week, but it’ll give you a good idea what to expect from Ryan Nee world traveler.

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  1. Vishwaka says:

    2:19UHHHGGGH!! Only Chris can fuck up on POKEMON technics. He plays the fukincg game so he should know that when Ditto transforms into a Pokemon, it also learns all it’s moves but has limited PP. Graduon states Silvana has transformation powers of a Ditto, how can he miss that?!?! So now he has a giant plot hole that he’s too fukincg lazy to fix since he’s busy fapping in his PS3.But hey, it’s Chris Chan we’re talking about, what do you expect.

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