Ep. 59: Rob Ryzin – Professional Wrestler

Rob Ryzin is an independent professional wrestler who currently lives in Orlando, and is pursuing his dream of earning a contract with the WWE. He sits down with Jon Eks, a lifelong pro wrestling fan himself, and talks about his early love of pro wrestling, self teaching himself the craft in high school with friend Jay Synn, his career and ascent through the Denver scene, and what the future holds in Orlando for Rob Ryzin.

We also touch on some of his career highlights which include an intense ladder match with his idol Matt Hardy, his Loser Leaves Town match against “Big Joker” Minton (which, if I can editorialize for a moment, sounds like some of the most beautiful booking I’ve ever heard – listen to the episode for more about it), and… erm… getting a Stinkface from Rikishi. Rob Ryzin has also fulfilled a dream by appearing twice on WWE NXT’s program, which we also discuss. What does the future hold for Rob Ryzin? You’ll just have to tune in to find out.

First, plugs! Be sure to pick up a Rob Ryzin t-shirt at his official ProWrestlingTees.com store. Follow Rob on Twitter, like his Fanpage on Facebook, and check him out on Instagram. That’s a ton of ways to consume Rob Ryzin, so you have no excuse for not being up on his goings on.

Disclaimer: I am a wrestling nerd of the highest order, and we use a fair amount of wrestling jargon in this episode, like “kayfabe,” “spot” and “put over.” That said, I think even if you’re a non-fan, you’ll get a lot of this episode as you learn more about a fascinating and unique business while hearing about someone relentlessly chase their dream. I adore this episode, and think you will too.

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2 comments on “Ep. 59: Rob Ryzin – Professional Wrestler

  1. judy rielly says:

    A really good interview with a great talent! It really helped that Jon knew his stuff which made for a fun listen. I have followed Ryzin since he was a spindly long haired kid at performing at Red and Jerry’s. He has changed a bit since then, bulking up, and shinier ring gear, but his smile and focus is the same. Loved this. ♡

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