Ep. 57: Brandi Shigley Comes Back!

Brandi Shigley was the first guest I ever interviewed who I didn’t previously know. It was during that episode when Brandi shared the story of her adoption from The Philippines that I first knew I could do this podcast, and make it a success. Brandi likes to say that she “turns dreamers into doers” as part of her Do What You Love empire. Her warmth, her openness, and her zest for life certainly transferred onto me, and I am grateful that I’ve gotten to know her.

It was also part of the reason I wanted to talk to her again, make the return episode after the Jon of All Trades hiatus, highlight her recent trip to The Philippines, and bring the story of her adoption from her first appearance full circle. Brandi recently returned from The Philippines (you can find details about the project on the Indiegogo page), where she brought water filters to villagers, visited the orphanage from which she came, and, in what is one of my favorite stories ever told on the podcast, is presented with potentially meeting her birth parents. Does she meet them? You’ll have to listen to find out.

This episode is very inspiring, but it’s also just a great deal of fun. Brandi shares stories from the road – including the seemingly lawless and insane traffic, her thoughts on the cuisine, how she got along with her fellow travelers – and how her work there has and will continue to influence her work going forward. I cannot think of a better way to re-ignite the podcast than with someone doing the good work, inspiring others, and always evolving.

A couple of quick plugs. Be sure to follow Brandi Shigley on Instagram and keep up with all of her stuff there. Also, don’t forget to check out Fashion Denver’s Spring Market, happening Sunday, May 17. Get all the details on that awesome event right here.

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