Ep. 225: Jason Price – Select Communications, Former EMT

Jason Price is one of the head honchos of Select Communications, a firm where tell them your technology needs and they’ll do all the heavy lifting. Their team of product engineers brings you quotes from the top carriers and provides you with behind-the-scenes product comparisons and information that you will not get from any direct provider. Essentially, they’re like a personal shopper, but for information technology.

He’s also a former EMT and first responder who has developed training curriculum for other first responders. He’s had a fascinating journey, and this episode is an incredibly fun hangout.

Jason and I hit it off immediately, which makes this episode fly by. We riff on all sorts of stuff including legal weed, poor, embattled IT professionals, hitting the ceiling in various lines of work and how you pivot, and a ton more. It’s an easygoing chat that covers an awful lot of real estate. I know you’ll enjoy it.

Check out Select Communications at their website.

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