Ep. 222: Solo Ep – Mental Health Check-In

“But I’m telling you the truth… I mean it. I’m okay! Trust me.” – I’m Not Okay (I Promise) by My Chemical Romance.

Here’s the thing. I actually am okay! But when I opened up about some of my mental health issues three months ago, many of you reached out to me to tell you how much that episode meant to you. So I figured it prudent to do a check-in with you.

Once again I recorded this stream-of-consciousness without knowing exactly where it would go. So here we are three months later, and things are generally going well. That’s not to say everything is perfect, but that I’ve worked really hard to maintain a good mindset and good perspective.

I reference the movie Parenthood in this episode, and in particular, Jason Robards’ speech about how when it comes to parenting, you never cross the goal line, spike the football and do your touchdown dance. You never stop worrying about your kids. Well, the same is true of mental health. You never really stop fighting for yourself, and hopefully, over time it gets a little bit easier.

So enjoy this half hour, and I’ll see you back here next week with a brand new guest.

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