Ep. 149: JD Lopez – Comedian, Host of Left Hand Right Brain

JD Lopez is a comedian, the host of Left Hand Right Brain, and proud fellow member of the Denver Podcast Network. We met for the first time a few months ago when Paul Karolyi from Changing Denver (which kicked off a new season this week!) decided to round up fellow Denver podcasters and see how we could build each other up.

I had always been aware of JD’s show, so it was terrific to finally get to connect with him in a real way. One of the ways we had become aware of each other initially was thanks to Marcelo Duran, who for a time was pimping the shit out of a ton of Denver podcasts, ours included. During this week’s chat, JD and I talk about how helpful Marcelo was in keeping us going. Because whether you realize it or not, podcasting can be a very lonely endeavor. It’s not always that you get feedback, so to have someone like Marcelo consistently promoting your show and offering insight into episodes about what he liked or didn’t meant (and means) a lot to us.

We also talk about looking at our download numbers. I notoriously don’t look at mine thanks to going crazy from tracking them incessantly on a previous website I created, but JD does. We also chat about “getting it up” for creative projects when the world has beaten you down, what JD’s ideal life would look like were he able to create it, what it’s like performing in the middle of the week at an open mic at 1:45 in the morning in front of three people, and a ton more.

This is a chance once again to peek behind the podcaster curtain and find out what life is like sending content into the great void of the world wide web. I know I make it sound grim, but while it’s daunting, JD and I both love it and hope to continue to grow.

Be sure to check out the Left Hand Right Brain featuring yours truly where JD conducts a very different kind of interview than I do on my show and hear me talk about things I don’t normally get the chance to. Then follow JD on Twitter and Instagram.

This episode is available on iTunes, Stitcher, or the Jon of All Trades homepage.

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