Ep. 144: Gabe Schirm Returns – Writer, Entrepreneur

Gabe Schirm is my longtime buddy dating back to our time together in college radio, and this isn’t the first I’ve had him on the show. He first appeared on Ep. 13 when he was working a normal 8-5 job, and so was I.

On that episode, we talked about his founding of Global Gabe Travel, his time on Travel Channel’s 5 Takes and shared a few ribald stories in what ended up being one of the most unintentionally profane episodes of the show.

Now it’s more than three years later, I have two children, we’ve both escaped the drudgery of working for others, and are thriving on our own. It’s good to reconnect under conditions like this. Seeing your buddy become the best version of himself is incredibly rewarding.

So, what’s he doing? Check out GabrielSchirm.com for all the details, but I’ll summarize for you. He runs his own pay-per-click digital media firm which pays the bills, he’s working on two new books, and he’s got his first novel, called Finding Tiger, due to come out October 1. You can get that on Amazon right here.

This episode absolutely flies by, and among some of the other topics we cover: Gabe’s insane ability to wake up at 6 am everyday on the dot and start working immediately, the tales of some of his ventures that ultimately didn’t pan out, and why neither of us is a good fit for (and in fact, sort of actively hate) the concept of “workplace culture.” Not that we probably didn’t know this already, but this conversation pretty much affirms our status as totally unemployable by traditional methods.

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