Ep. 13: Gabe Schirm – World Traveler and Creator of Global Gabe Travel

Gabe Schirm is the creator of Global Gabe Travel, the ultimate guide to free long-term travel. He created this website because it’s something he wished existed when he was 18 years old and considering travel, and serves as a one-stop resource for everyone considering expanding their horizons and exploring the world. In this episode, Gabe and Jon talk extensively about Gabe’s travel history ranging from his time with Up With People to his stint as a travel journalist for the Travel Channel show 5 Takes: Pacific Rim to getting paid to live in Spain and teach English. Anecdotes are shared, stories are told, laughs are had plentifully, and this fun episode should spur you to get outside your comfort zone and see the world. Available right here, or, as always, syndicated on iTunes.

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